Limestone Quarry

We have a small quarry in the hills above Diddlebury. The stone is limestone which has been used in the past for building houses and other structures over much of South Shropshire and North Herefordshire. It is light brown to light blue in colour and has a fine grained texture.

Traditionally, the stone was not sawn but split along its natural bedding, giving blocks of 100mm to 150mm in thickness. The stone is ideal for sympathetic restoration work, it being the only one available to match existing stone buildings in this area. It is also suitable and is frequently specified for new buildings where it will blend into existing stone structures.

We can provide it in a random form, as shown in the top right hand picture, at a price of £100 + VAT per tonne.

Full details as follows:

  • Geology: Silurian. Aymestry Group. Limestone.
  • Colour/Texture: Light blue to light brown, fine grained.
  • Porosity: 7.6% vol.
  • Suitability: Random walling stone.
  • Availability: Various sized blocks. Generally 100 to 150mm bed depth.
  • For further information, please contact Andy Farnell, Quarry Manager, on 07970 844094